​and many more!
Programs include:
PEMFs deliver targeted electromagnetic signals to the cells in very specific communication channels. As these signals pass through and “speak” to the cells, they trigger the body to restore communication breakdowns in those specific channels. Once the communication paths are cleared, the body can then efficiently regulate and process the electrical and chemical exchanges associated with those channels. The body can once again be in it’s ‘natural state’ of well-being and balance.
During Lux Plus and Fractal sessions, extremely low intensity PEMF signals safely stimulate cells and create gentle electro-magnetic field changes that fine-tune the body’s self-regulation and healing process. It is the body’s natural self-healing signals that deal with any difficulties or dysfunctions affecting cells, tissues and organs.


Factors such as the constant exposure to wifi signals, the habit of carrying cell phones with us everywhere we go, using computers for long hours at work, and not getting healthy frequencies from the earth because of man-made surfaces that block them. These factors disrupt the cellular communication pathways in our bodies, causing a wide variety of chronic problems. In today’s world, many of these factors can’t be avoided, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.
Energy-Field Wellness - with the Lenyo Mats
Many of the biggest challenges we experience with our health have to do with factors that are not readily apparent.
  • Improves and accelerates our natural healing process at the cellular level

Come for a FREE 60 minute session on the Lenyo Lux Plus   

  • Optimal Cellular Wellness
  • Increased Energy
  • Greater Sense of Well- Being
  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhanced Function & Movement
  • Restful Sleep... and MUCH MORE. 

Vitality Wellness Center

is proud to present the

Lenyo BRT Systems

In addition to offering a wide range of programs covering most health conditions, the LENYO Systems are extremely easy to use for home or clinic use.


  • Advanced Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy mats​

  • New to the US, used clinically for over 20 years in wellness centers & homes in Europe


Energy balancing

PEMF/Bio-Regulation Wellness is a non-invasive, holistic approach to health and well-being that uses advanced technology and the body’s own internal communication system to help restore balance, increase energy, accelerate healing and maintain overall wellness.

Of the numerous wellness systems available, we have chosen the “LENYO Lux Plus”, with 136 therapeutic wellness programs to choose from.  Each of the programs have an additional 30 – 85 sub-programs built in that target specific “cellular communication channels”, enhancing the effectiveness of the therapy by leveraging synergistically working tissues and addressing a majority of the body’s most common imbalances and conditions.