Client Feedback

"My sessions with Brad have been incredible on many levels. His sessions not only help heal the aches and pains of life but get to a deeper level that unlocks the energy that has been trapped, or out of alignment. I feel great and energized, ready to conquer the world, both emotionally and in my sport. Brad, you are the best!"
Lori West, LPGA professional golfer
Del Mar

"Brad is such a great healer. He is so present and so thorough. I can really feel my entire body healing and changing with each session. Reflexology is a really wonderful modality for allowing the body to reach deep relaxation and restoration. Brad is a master."

Cherie L. Smith,Chiropractor

Less stress (this alone significantly improves your health and well-being), less pain, more energy, more circulation and deeper relaxation- physical, emotional, and mental, for a more balanced system.

During the entire 60 minute reflexology session, you lay on our highly advanced 'Magnetic-Field' therapy mat with a specialized "Relaxation" program which allows your body and mind to enter that "zone" of deep relaxation where the most profound wellness results occur.

Simply, reflexology is a method for activating the body's own natural healing powers. Our amazing feet are the 'mini-maps' of our entire body, within them are reflex areas that correspond to all our major organs, glands and body parts. These areas link to the entire body through 10 major Energy Zones, beginning with the toes.

Reflexology combined with Lenyo Lux Pro  

Reflexology benefits include

Brad Hunsaker has 25 years reflexology experience serving East Coast clients from 1993 - 2003, and West Coast clients since 2003.